HItotoki is a unique web site including individual experience and photos in Tokyo.
The happenings for foreigners are interesting to me ‘cos their attitude and feeling for Tokyo is totally diffrence where we live.
Design and concept is nice as well.
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Ajax Rain


ajax rain

Ajax Rain is Ajax demos and examples to download.

CSS Collection


Wow, finally CSS Collection rebooted as well. Nowadays, there are thousands web design showcase sites around the world.
CSS Collection refined its site more sophisticate as well as another showcase site. Yeah, of course, CMS is WordPress 2.1 Ella!! Great work. I love it.
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WordPress.org releases new WordPress 2.1 Ella ver. at least!!
As they said, the function is totally revised including Akismat, up-loading function, management system, fast data base possessing and so on. Thanks to WordPress.org!!!

2 dayz ago, WordPress released ver.2.06, which includes an important security fix so that wordpress recommend user upgrade ASAP.  I enjoy  wordpress, however,  I hesitate to upgrade because plugins which I am using may not matche new Version….

UC Berkeley


Wow, Department of Spanish and Portuguese UC Berkerley web site is too koool.
Is this really University web site? Amazing! CMS is powered by wordpress2.02.
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WordPress 2.05


WordPress 2.05 is released! Until now can’t we use traffic function at the editing display, however, it seems to use traffic function at wordpress 2.05. In addition, it is fixed bugs more than 50. As They declare to go forward to the wordpress 2.1 from now on, I really can’t wait wordpress 2.1. Thanks for wordpress!

web 2.0 trends


Nowadays, I was suprised at Facebook, which is SNS that is mostly used by studend, that the ratio of it is about 90% at some University.
I’ve heard that Facebook rank at No.2 in U.S.A(?). I’ve heard that some University have banned the useing Internet to access Facebook at the campas. It is same to access such SNS in not only a house but a school or a company also in Japan.
SNS is expanded all over tha world, however, I don’t find such a SNS for student in Japan. Nowadays, one the biggest SNS, mixi, in Japan, althogh the users is about 5 million, listed on stock exchange. Sprisingly, stock price exceeded 1.7 billion U.S dollars in spite of about 45 million U.S dollars in sales. Web 2.0 service is big prospective market if considering IT industry. However, it seems to me that some web 2.0 companies has been always considering the chance to sell their company to get big money like del.icio.us and flicker.
 If web 2.0 sevices can do for free, although I don’t care about a site like SNS to shoot a site and to obtain money, I think that it is disagreeable that service becomes useless like Last FM in Japan.

Here is some open source CMS in Japanese.
We can build and start a SNS easily.


Stylegala sold


The one of the most famous CSS garally, Stylegala, in the world was sold around 40K!! Is it cheper or higher price?
I guess it is cheap if we consider stylegala had been managing its site. But, …

Goobye Stylegala
Goobye WEB Standards Awards


Age of site (months): 20

Monthly revenue: ca 2500 USD

Monthly expenses: none. Stylegala is a community and hosting is sponsored.

Revenue details:
Details can be sent upon request. Revenue is generated from several sources of income.

Monthly page views: 4.200.000

Traffic details:
Around 900.000 Visits and 4.000.000 PV in April according to our Urchin stats.
About 3000 backlinks in google, including sitepronews, slashdot, macworld, zeldman etc. Over 4000 del.icio.us fans. Listed in the DMOZ and high PR all over the site.

From the DMOZ and Alexa/Google description:

“Intelligent and frank up-to-the-minute analysis of the very latest and best in graphic design for the web. Comprises editorial nominations, reviews and member voting.”

Stylegala.com is a high-end web design publication that has been widely recognized in the professional web design community. It features a web design gallery, a news archive with more than 150 posts/month, special features such as the popular bullet madness and a css reference, our forum with 4.200 users and 17.000 posts, some articles and other resources and 2 amazon shops (software and books).

The site does not use a pre-made CMS, instead it boasts a custom built system with mySQL and PHP integration to be able to parse data from our databases in a unique and customized way. A simple news admin and gallery admin is included, both for administrators and publishers.

All code is strict XHTML and it uses CSS for all design elements and layouts.

We have a number of very good news submitters and gallery judges such as Dave Shea (CSS Zen Garden), Mike Davidson (NewsVine), Roger Johansson (456bereastreet.com), Shaun Inman (Sifr) etc. We also have a popular public channel.

With over 30.000 daily visits on weekdays, stylegala.com is one of the most popular sites on the web in this genre. The site is hosted at mediatemple with a sponsorship deal.

The reason for this sale is the lack of time and ambition. Stylegala.com has been a full-on success, and it deserves someone who can take care of it with the respect it deserves.

The site has a true potential to become the biggest and best amongst the web design publications, if moderated carefully.

A takeover will likely take place this summer, if the sale goes through. Probably around 1/9 but this can be discussed. Any other questions should be emailed to david[at]monc.se

Type of site:
Established and functional website with traffic

Price (or starting bid): 30.000 USD

Is an auction?: Yes

Indexed pages (Google): 55.000

Google page rank: 7