Edmonton Web Design


Edmonton Web Design

Great color scheme and web usability with Flash.
I’m wondering such a design is unique that header and navigation parts are embedded with Flash.
XHTML1.0 Transitonal + CSS + Flash


Computer FAQ


computer faq

Simple, at the same time, design is so classy and elaborate.
XHTML1.0 Transitional + CSS

most inspired
One of the web design gallery, Most Inspired, is rebooted.
Nice design!



I assume that webmark is one of the great wordpress web design theme.
Webmark has been distributing some cool wordpress themes. It’s so koool web design.
XHTML1.0 Transitonal + CSS + WordPress

Aprilzero Webdesign


Super Cool webdesign. Everythng is beautiful.

Muji at MOMA


Muji, one of the best Japanese retailers including furniture, commodity and clothings, is displayed at MOMA. I can’t imagine that Muji is socond to none all over the world because MOMA is admiited and admitted that Muji’s goods are admirable and it’s function is beautiful in the world. Certainly, Muji is popular in Japan, but this company is only familiar with low price company. These good are good, but it’ just only simple reason. Cheap, but so-so…. Maybe, it is different for Western to take the value for Muji compared to Japan. It seems to me that Muji is good, but not pretty good. The manufacture is boring and clothing is not good design and those quality is damned.
I don’t know why MOMA chooses Muji to display and sell those goods at the shop.