This site is a real estate company’s one. Clean and simple web site. like it!
XHTML1.0 + CSS + Flash


most inspired
One of the web design gallery, Most Inspired, is rebooted.
Nice design!

One of the most having strong influence all over the web designing, screenfluent, rebooted the website.
Compared to the past web design, screenfluent becomes simple more than before. Screenfluent website is always simple and clean. In addition, that selects good works such as flash and css websites.
XHTML1.0 Transitonal + CSS




It’s so simple, but so beautiful. Especially, I’m interested in its naigation part.
xhtml 1.0 transitonal + css

I guess the trent ofthe latest web design is something like this site. Black color, white layout picture and encaustic handle background…..
This site is made by fortyeight designs, which designed cssreboot‘s web nowadays. Still saying more, fall cssreboot will start at november 1st.
Anyway, layout is clean and simple.




Gee, I rebooted my site according to CSSReboot. Although I coded by XHTML1.0 Transitional and CSS, I can’t satify with my design and it still be weak. I would like to add Ajax side slide bar and modify CSS. Uhh.
Rhythm Collision WordPress weblog


Jonathan snook’s web design is so cool and elegant based on black color. I really loves his color sheme. He aimed for a semantic HTML 4.01 Strict along with CSS for the presentation. And he has been using Movable Type 3.2. Nowadays, imaginable and famous designers has switched WordPress, but he uses Movable Type.


This is asemota web design, which is made by WordPress1.52. Asemote web design comes from Berlin, Germany. This designs’ detail is so sophisticated. In addition, Color coordination is beautiful. XHTML1.0Transitional and CSS