Awesome! Great wordpress web design!
I guess this design is one of the most unique one all over the world. Check it!


Javier Ferrer Vidal


Interesting flash web site!BTW, to the loud music starts seems to be not neccesary without any caution.



There is an alternative web design showcase & Gallery, that is
Until now, there are so many web design showcases according to so-called web standards.
I assume that is one of them as well.
HTML4.01 Transitiomal + CSS + AJAX



It is CSS gallery/showcase in Holland? This is a new css showcase.
Wordpress 2.05 + CSS + XHTML1.1

UC Berkeley


Wow, Department of Spanish and Portuguese UC Berkerley web site is too koool.
Is this really University web site? Amazing! CMS is powered by wordpress2.02.
XHTML1.0Strict + CSS

Wow, this is University of Notre Dam department of history web site.
I’ve never seen University web site such as elegant and beautiful.
XHTML1.0 Strict + CSS



I assume that webmark is one of the great wordpress web design theme.
Webmark has been distributing some cool wordpress themes. It’s so koool web design.
XHTML1.0 Transitonal + CSS + WordPress

DJ Steve Aoki



Oh, it’s DJ Steve Aoki’s web site, who has been manageing Dim Mak and so forth. I met him about 7 years ago in Japan. Well, he came to visit in Japan and one of my freinds played HC band, so he came to our Uni., took a dinner with us ,and so forth. I didn’t know he played DJ. Anyway, his web site is made up by hybrid style, which is xhtml + table, however, I like this fundemetal design except the logo.
Uhmmm, it’s so fast dayz passing.
xhtml1.0 transitonal + css