web 2.0 trends


Nowadays, I was suprised at Facebook, which is SNS that is mostly used by studend, that the ratio of it is about 90% at some University.
I’ve heard that Facebook rank at No.2 in U.S.A(?). I’ve heard that some University have banned the useing Internet to access Facebook at the campas. It is same to access such SNS in not only a house but a school or a company also in Japan.
SNS is expanded all over tha world, however, I don’t find such a SNS for student in Japan. Nowadays, one the biggest SNS, mixi, in Japan, althogh the users is about 5 million, listed on stock exchange. Sprisingly, stock price exceeded 1.7 billion U.S dollars in spite of about 45 million U.S dollars in sales. Web 2.0 service is big prospective market if considering IT industry. However, it seems to me that some web 2.0 companies has been always considering the chance to sell their company to get big money like del.icio.us and flicker.
 If web 2.0 sevices can do for free, although I don’t care about a site like SNS to shoot a site and to obtain money, I think that it is disagreeable that service becomes useless like Last FM in Japan.


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